Ice Ripper Results

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Southwest Missouri was dealt some of the coldest temps on record and thanks to our Ice Ripper we had a banner year. I’ll never forget pulling up to our lease after running our Ice Ripper for 24 hours. Are intentions that evening were to check out what kind of hole we had opened up. Much to our surprise we weren’t able to see the hole due to the amount of birds that had moved in on the hole and around the ice. What a feeling 2 days before a hunt! Thanks for making such a great product.

Mitchell Green

Absolutely loved this thing! We were dealing with -12 temps and around 7 to 8" of ice. Ran every 12 hrs for two weeks straight and kept a hole open that we killed over 100 birds out of in just three hunts over that 2 week period. Look forward to the next freeze! Highly recommend

Lucas Montague

Absolutely a great product and cheaper than the competition, however that’s not the greatest part of this company, the customer service is incredible. Jeff reached out to me on a Sunday evening when we were having issues opening up a hole, after a few adjustments it worked great. Then on top of it when we broke a prop (fault of our own) he overnighted us one the very next day. This is how companies should be ran!

Robert North

Great product well built we used ice eater before but when water levels dropped down to two and a half feet they wouldn't work any more , ice ripper will and the price of the ice ripper is well below of the competitors, great buy

Daniel Thomas

This thing kept us hunting in 10-15 below zero temps! Couldn’t be happier with this product! Would definitely recommend!

Matthew Bolin